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We love what we do and that passion drives us to create powerful work that inspires.

We do what we are passionate about. We combined our love for the environment and visual storytelling into one powerful force. Our expertise includes feature and short film production, web videos and web visual narrative, video ad campaigns, video content strategy, events coverage, and TV spots among others. We provide complete video production services as well as individual services such as script writing, filming, editing, distribution, and content strategy. Let us help you tell your story!

Alexis Posternak

CEO, Co-Founder

A pioneer in the new media field, Alexis Posternak has been working with top brands such as DreamWorks, Universal Studios, Nissan, Bank of America and Carl's Jr., for the past 16 years.
After living in the Argentine mountains during his late teens, where he managed several top level hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs, he moved back to the US and joined a producer, importer and distributor of fine wines and spirits as the Operations Manager for the company's Importation and Exportation Department. Here he was responsible for the importation, distribution and marketing of several new products which have become successful brands in the US market, including Belvedere Vodka (France), Quilmes Beer (Argentina), Santa Amelia Wine (Chile), and Sobieski Vodka (Poland), among others. During this time, he also created a system to integrate the communications between the company's wholesalers, its more than 300 suppliers, and thousands of customers. And with this, fell in love with the power of technology.
Looking for a new challenge, he then entered the online world transforming a 3 person interactive agency start up into a multimillion dollar business with offices in the US and Argentina. During the past 6 years Alexis has rediscovered himself, mutated the agency, and launched 5 new companies. After working on many high level video productions and with the launch of TreeHomeMedia, Alexis has been deeply involved in producing a breath of shows, branded entertainment products, and webisodic series with a twist and a conscious message intertwined.

Revolutionary in the online field, today Alexis is known as a visionary, innovator and strategist who specializes in communications with a creative edge, that seek to change consciousness and affect positive change.

Moty Ginsburg

Chairman, Co-Founder

Moty has built his entire executive career on the definition—"entrepreneur". A high energy, fiscally conscious and goal-driven executive, Moty approaches each new business challenge with his natural flair for innovation, creative problem-solving and measured risk-taking to drive consistent bottom-line improvements. He is presently overseeing an entire team of 150 people with offices throughout California. Born in Argentina, and having earned his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, Moty's goal was to complement his natural technical savvy with a strong foundation in business.

The best way to do this, he felt, was to immigrate to the United States and in 1990 he accepted his first position with JMR Electronics where he gained extensive experience and was promoted until he became the president of the company, managing 400 people with offices worldwide. Intrigued by the "world" of construction and remodeling and being recognized as a high-potential executive, in 2004, Moty's career took a leap forward when he decided to start his own management firm. Moty built a new management company from the ground up, and provided fundamental leadership in building corporate systems.

In 2010, Moty's career took another leap when he co-founded TreeHomeMedia, a social media and marketing firm focusing on the Green Movement and everyday implementation of eco-friendliness. Moty is deeply involved in driving both innovation and growth strategies of the company. Today, Moty resides with his wife in Woodland Hills, CA and his three grown children. He is actively seeking his next executive challenge.

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