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Green Giants, the long form documentary about sustainable businesses, announced today the official launch of the Plant a Million Trees campaign. The campaign aims to plant a million trees all around the world as a part of an initiative to turn eco-awareness into positive sustainable actions. It was launched earlier today during Sustainatopia 2015, one of the leading events for social, financial and environmental sustainability, and marks the first of many actions that serve as preparation for the documentary’s first screening.

Green Giants will be delivering free Incense Cedar growing kits at its booth in Sustainatopia 2015 from Wednesday 27th through Saturday 30th. The conference will serve to kickstart the Plant a Million Trees campaign, which will then follow online through the subscription to the Green Giants newsletter.


Conference attendees and subscribers will be given one growing kit per person and will have the opportunity to attend a special premiere of the Green Giants movie. For that, the interested parties will have to take a photo while planting the tree and share them over the Green Giants social profiles with the hashtag #PlantAMillionTrees. For more information on the campaign, check

Green Giants is a documentary produced by TreeHomeMedia that showcases the true story of successful environmentally friendly companies and why all businesses must join the green movement or face extinction. It features celebrities and top executives such as from the Black Eyed Peas and EkoCycle, J.D. Norton from eBay, Hannah Jones of Nike and Rick Needham of Google, all sharing their companies’ efforts towards sustainability in their respective businesses.

Alexis Posternak, CEO of TreeHomeMedia, said that “audiovisual content isn’t just a great way to show people that are leading the change but to promote that change by spreading the message”. In that regard, Posternak believes that “Green Giants is one amazing proof that there are big businesses and leaders out there fighting an everyday fight to make a positive impact on our environment – a fight worth showing to encourage and inspire people to join it”.

Green Giants is expected to premiere during July 2015. The trailer and more information about the documentary can be found in its official site:

About Green Giants

Green Giants is a long form documentary saluting the pioneers, innovators and big business that are embracing sustainability and transforming the way they do business in order to help save our planet –one footprint at a time. Green Giants shares the in depth stories of emerging environmentally friendly companies that will inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs and encourage all businesses to join the green movement or face extinction.

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About TreeHomeMedia

TreeHomeMedia is a media company that produces original content for the dissemination of new ideas, concepts, information, and technologies to improve the lives of people and the world as a whole. TreeHomeMedia’s primary mission is to inspire, inform, educate and empower the audience that wants to do something, but doesn’t know where to start.

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