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Yokohama Seabring Coverage – Show Production

The Avid Ascend is the first real consumer tire to come out of Yokohama’s innovative use of orange oil as an ingredient in their tire compounds.

Yokohama claimed that their technology replaced a significant fraction of petroleum oil with orange oil, and that the orange oil created a tighter bond with the rubber at a nanochemical level, creating a rubber compound with both high grip and long wear, two factors that until only recently have always been considered mutually exclusive. The resulting tire was to have very low rolling resistance and was to be built in factories designed for a minimal ecological footprint, in keeping with Yokohama’s “BluEarth” overall philosophy on environmental responsibility.

Orange Oil Compound Yokohama uses a resin derived from orange oil – acquired from orange peels after the oranges are used for juice – to replace some of the petroleum-based oils used in making tires. The exact amount that is used per tires is unknown, but Yokahama engineers say that the orange oil in the compound “helps create a tighter bond between natural and synthetic rubber at the molecular level.” This has some very interesting effects within the compound.

Bob Faieta returns to ALMS GT Challenge with Competition Motorsports in the No. 024 Porsche GT3 Cup. A two-time champion, Faita was part of inaugural field of new American Le Mans Series Challenge class for Yokohama-shod Porsche 911 GT3 Cup entries driving Gruppe Orange entry with Wesley Hoaglund. Has been a dominating force in IMSA GT3 competition.

Date: 23 September, 2011